• Multiphase Flows in Nature: Rain on Window & Leaf

Multi-component multi-phase (MCMP) flows are ubiquitous in nature, industry and daily practices. These flows can be generally divided into four categories, namely liquid–gas, solid–gas, solid–liquid and solid-liquid-gas systems. Rain, fog, river sedimentation, capillary transport, cavitation, spray atomization, combustion, flow in boilers and fluidized beds are some examples of MCMP flow applications in the nature and engineering applications.
The importance of MCMP flows has led to many attentions for years to study these flows and consequently, various methods and models have been developed in this regard. Recent advancements in numerical algorithms coupled with the powerful computers and more accurate experimental instruments have provided researchers and engineers to tackle real-life MCMP flow problems in environment and industry.
In the Multiphase Flow Laboratory (MPFL), our group are developing novel computational fluid dynamics techniques that provide new opportunities to model, simulate and elucidate the rich physics of multi-component multiphase flows. For the reason of emphasizing physical-driven computational modeling and simulation-driven experimentation, our group also interested in experimental investigations and collaboration closely with the researches whose work emphasizes laboratory experimentation.
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New publication on droplet dynamics

Our work in title “Numerical Simulation of a Droplet Breakup Phenomenon in Cross Flow of Cold and Hot Gas and its Dynamic Investigation in Three-Dimensional Field” has been accepted for publication in Journal of Mechanical Engineering of Tabriz University.